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Pickling passivation ensures corrosion resistance to components of stainless steel and thus considerably influences their life and usefulness.   


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SSA [Inhibitor] Additive for Stainless Steel Bulk Pickling: Lines

1 K-2 SSA is a unique additive for bulk pickling of stainless-steel.
2 K-2 SSA is to be added in the existing pickling bath of HF:HNO3 & water.
3 K-2 SSA Works for different grades of stainless steel.
The most important features of K-2 SSA is that it suppresses NOX fumes making environment more user friendly.
5 K-2 SSA reduces metal loss.
6 Regular usages of K-2 SSA does not allowed the base acids to eat up the parent metal.
7 K-2 SSA gives extra brighter & lustrous finish to the surface of stainless steel.
8 K-2 SSA is widely accepted & approved in following industries.

SS Strip & Sheets / SS Coils / SS Tubes Pipes SS coils / SS Wire Drawing / SS Wire Rolls / SS Casting / SS Fasteners / SS Plate-Profile-Angles..

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