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Pickling passivation ensures corrosion resistance to components of stainless steel and thus considerably influences their life and usefulness.   


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Pickling And Passivation Chemicals For Stainless Steel

SURFACE INNOVATORS (SI) was promoted / incorporated in the year 1992 by Mrs. Anal Kulkarni and Mr. Anish Shah, both of them are having Diploma in Electroplating and Marketing from Mumbai University. Till yesteryears the products for pickling and passivation were not giving the desired quality finish and most importantly were hazardous to the human life due to the fumes evolved during the chemical reaction. It is this which motivated promoting SI to provide a revolutionary pickling and passivation process to the Stainless Steel Industry which is not health hazardous (for the people using it) but also gives a uniform quality finish to the surface to match international standards.

Today after completion of successful 17 years of operations SI has made a mark in the pickling and passivation industry and is catering to more than 25 industries in India and 1000 companies. And now also all geared up to cater to international market. It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that our product K-2 has received approval from IIT under ASTM-A380 standards. S. I. has very young and promising team of marketing people and skilled labour to lead the organisation at its peak in the new Millennium.

We have the complete metal treatment solutions and not only supply the chemicals but also equipments for safe in-house pickling and passivation for all types of job capacities. We have the most sophisticated professional & fully integrated technically updated laboratory with latest laboratory equipments took it us to industry rising demands.

We take this opportunity to mention that this venture would not have been a reality without the guidance of Mr. Kumar Shah of Progressive Chemicals Corporation, Mumbai.


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